Services We Offer

Housing Placement
Making the adjustment from transitional housing to permanent residency can be a harrowing task. Without knowledge of assistance programs, New York City regulatory statues, and fair housing laws, the prospect of finding an apartment often seems an insurmountable task. Our clients are guided through the frenzied New York real estate market by our Housing Specialists, who connect our homeless families with high quality affordable housing. Clients are provided with a dedicated connection to the real estate market along with transportation to view prospective apartments. Our Housing Specialists lead the way in lobbying for vouchers and assist our families with applications for federal and state housing assistance to put them back on the path to independent living.
Job Placement
Aguila inc. offers career counseling and job development to not only link people with jobs, but to begin the steps necessary for building a vital and thriving career. We recognize that individual people require a nuanced and focused counseling approach. Connecting our families with the resources they need to gain and keep employment is an crucial step towards a prosperous and independent future. Individual needs range from completing a G.E.D. Program, to taking the first steps toward citizenship, or helping clients apply for college. All families at Aguila have the opportunity to learn interviewing skills, resume building, and job search techniques in our facilities, preparing them for reintroduction into the work force.

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