Services We Offer

Community Outreach
Our community outreach program is a vital element of our organization. Our Community Service Coordinator’s helps us extend ourselves outside of our core business, and allows us to work with other agencies in order to find resources within the community. We are an active member of the communities that we work in and participate in community board meetings and community outreach programs utilizing services and vendors within our community in order to grow along side it. Our community service coordinators assist in every facet of our operation, from planning housing fairs using local landlords, and realtors to issuing referrals for employment and holding job fairs for our clients, we take a proactive approach to helping our community.
Client Enrichment
Our client enrichment programs are anchored by our team of Client Activities Coordinators who work tirelessly to provide a better environment to the defenseless victims of homelessness, the children. Alongside members of the Department of Homeless Services they provide activities field trips and educational services for all children living in our shelters. These activities can range from arts and crafts for the younger kids, to tutoring and educational programs for the older kids. Our Activities Coordinators also arrange a plethora of activities geared towards the preparation of the adults, and parents such as interview preparation, resume workshops, and how to dress for successes. Their work is an integral part of our primary goal of independent living.

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