Our mission is to provide adequate transitional housing for Homeless Families in the New York Metropolitan Area and enhance each family's ability to establish an independent living status. To break the cycle of generational and situational homelessness.

The issue of homelessness is growing day by day. Shelter is not the only necessity that today's homeless require. There are educational and counseling needs for both parents and children dealing with family and/or substance abuse. Financial assistance is another need that must be addressed in order to combat the problems of homelessness.

Aguila, Inc. is an organization in the New York Metropolitan area that offers integrated human services programs of high quality to its Homeless Residents. We have continuously provided excellent service to the public since our inception in 2000. We are a not-for-profit institution governed by a Board of Directors and we operate for the benefit of the people of the City of New York.

Our dedicated staff works diligently to provide the homeless families we serve with the necessary assistance needed to once again live independently. Participants are referred through the EAU (Emergency Assistant Unit) a New York City agency that is part of the New York City Department of Homeless Services. There are no fees charged to the participants. Case Managers begin the process with an interview in order to determine the individual needs of the families. Once these needs are determined the Case Manager explores the best possible solution(s) for these needs such as, assistance in the proper completion of applications for Housing Stability Plus and NYC Housing Authority applications. Medical needs are referred to East Boro Medical Clinics (an Article 28). Educational needs for children and parents are referred to a Board of Education Family Assistance worker on site.