We dare to ask why

We believe that as the Aguila (eagle) soars with courage our families can also dare to be stable, stronger and focused toward the future. Aguila, Inc. is committed to providing comprehensive services to address the whys of homelessness. We dare to ask why? We are committed to services that provide solutions. We see things the way they are and ask ourselves why? We are committed to a vision of things the way they should be for our community and ask, Why not?

Aguila, Inc. was developed as a not-for-profit organization in June of 2000 as a result of the growing population of homeless families and individuals in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Aguila has come a long way since its inception in June 2000. We initially acquired 55 units in our first shelter and have exponentially grown throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. The results that we strive to achieve are placements into permanent housing and severance of the cycle of generational and situational homelessness.

These ultimate goals are by any standards difficult, but with continued perseverance and dedication we feel confident that "AS THE EAGLE SOARS" so shall our residents.